John Lennon – Don’t let me Down (Home demo)

By | May 15, 2018






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Apologies for the last upload. Glass Onion was “Blocked in all countries!”.
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19 thoughts on “John Lennon – Don’t let me Down (Home demo)

  1. diversao rula

    Thanks for putting this version that i have never heard of!!!!!xd

  2. Fer Abra

    Great…he was actually writing it. He didn't have the chorus yet, and when the bridge stops, and he does not scream "don't let me down" , it feels like there is a void that begs to be filled…He felt it and filled it.

  3. Pete Lund

    wow, nice… we don't have the "Dont' Let Me Down" wail, yet, but this is cool this came first…I assumed the wail itself was first and he built off that…this would seem this is first and got to the wail later. Thanks so much!

  4. aidan's angels

    0 dislikes? looks like nobody let's you down 🙂


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